Peter Wright Announces His High Court Victory Against FoDDC.

Peter Wright Announces His High Court Victory &
Overturning Of FoDDC’s Wind Turbine Consent:

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Peter Wright Announces His High Court Victory
Overturning Of FoDDC’s Wind Turbine Consent:

Dear All
In Molly’s absence abroad I wanted to share some very, very good news!
Earlier today Mr Justice Ian Dove passed Judgement in our favour in the Judicial Review. We have not yet received the formal Judgement ourselves but it is now public knowledge that he has agreed 100% with our Claim and has ordered that the Planning Consent for the Severndale Turbine by the FODDC should be quashed. Costs will also be awarded in our favour to be paid by the FODDC up to an amount to be agreed by the Judge but likely to be circa £35k.
I attach an extract from an independent Planning Bulletin that has been sent out following his decision which summarises matters as follows:-
“However, in upholding a local objector’s challenge to that decision, the court noted that it is fundamental that planning permissions are never for sale.
The fact that the scheme was community led did not excuse the local authority from carrying out a full examination of its planning merits.
The donations served no planning purpose and did not fairly and reasonably relate to the development itself, the judge ruled.
No particular community benefits had been identified to which the donations would be applied and the latter were thus irrelevant to the council’s determination of land use and development control issues. The planning permission was quashed.”
So we have won our case. It remains to be seen whether the FODDC will seek leave to appeal to the Courts of Appeal or whether Resilience and the Edwards will submit a new Planning Application afresh. But for tonight you may raise a glass to celebrate an historic victory for the true Local Community in Stroat and Tidenham.
Thank you all for your support over the past few months, we could not have done this without you.
With all best wishes
Peter Wright

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