PS-21: South Glos. Objection From B.G. Roberts Esq.

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PS – 21:

(PS-21: South Glos. Objection From B.G. Roberts Esq. )


it is worth noting that campaigners in South Gloucestershire actively campaigning against wind turbines in Oldbury on Severn, Hill & other sites included the reasoning that it would damage the visual amenity of The Severnvale and thus North Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean and were supported by their planning authority.

Let us hope the planners of the FoD & North Gloucestershire act with a similar sense of responsibility and reject the applicants short term personal gains whilst considering the undeniable long term damage suc h an industrial installation will cause!


From: BG Roberts
Sent: Monday, May 25, 2015 8:56 PM
Subject: Severndale Farm Turbine Objection

1 Chantry Rd.
South Glos.
BS35 1ER

Regarding the proposed Turbine at Severndale Farm, this will present an unacceptable intrusion on the views over the Forest of Dean from the Thornbury side of the river , for very little gain in electrical production or environmental reward. When taken together with other applications it will look like an extension of the Avonmouth skyline.
The Government Inspector recently turned down an application for Turbines in the neighbouring Parishes of Oldbury on Severn and Hill in South Glos. on grounds of environmental and visual impact on the amenity of the Severnvale.
This site is surrounded by reed beds and rhines which provide valuable cover and feeding grounds for migrating birds whose flight paths will impinge on the area covered by the Turbine blades. This is also an important feeding ground for Bats who can be disoriented by the sonic noise.
The Evironmental issues provide strong grounds for objection.

Brian Roberts


We believe the information gathered on this site can act to bring the truth, regarding the dishonesty of the claimed benefits of Wind Turbines (WT) to the front of people’s minds as they are regularly taxed, in a hidden tax, on their energy bills to fund these politically correct and fundamentally all but useless monstrosities.

We have gathered a great deal of information in our efforts to prevent the industrialisation of Stroat and the banks of the Severn Estuary and across the wider area including the Forest of Dean (FoD) as administered by The Forest of Dean District Council (FoDDC), areas of outstanding natural beauty (AoONB), sites of special scientific interest (SSI) & wildlife habitats.

Please help to spread the truth about the Wind Turbine scam and the fundamental flaws and lies of the ‘Warmists’ & self proclaimed ‘Greens’, which are presented as ‘fact’, regarding the anthropogenic influence of mankind on Global Warming and Climate Chance.

Arm yourself with facts to defeat the biggest con of the late 20th and early 21st Century, and do please spread the truth and the URL of this site as widely as you can.

Posted by: Greg Lance – Watkins (site owner)

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