JR, Your MP Mark Harper & General Update 20-Feb-2016 From Molly Mayo

JR, Your MP Mark Harper & General Update 20-Feb-2016 From Molly Mayo

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JR, Your MP Mark Harper & General Update 20-Feb-2016 From Molly Mayo


Dear Everyone
Apologies for the late arrival of this email after our meeting on the 10th, amongst other things I have had phone and internet problems so hopefully all is now back on track.
Thanks to those who came to Little Wibdon and to those of you who were in touch by email or have enquired about the topics under discussion. As I hope everyone knows, we have our Judicial Review hearing for April 21st (as long as the courts keep to their timetable) and some of us are intending to attend this event.  There was a suggestion to investigate a minibus, since Buxton’s commented that some support for the event demonstrates commitment from those who have asked for the JR, and I will look into the cost of hiring a minibus and let you know.
We all felt the need to continue to be proactive and it was suggested we send Mark Harper our concerns and thoughts just to let him and ‘others’ know we are not going away and will continue this fight no matter what.  I have checked his email address and found it different from last time I used it  –
I haven’t used it yet and would be grateful if anyone has difficulty using it- please would you let me know. Last time several of us tried to contact him we had problems so it’s helpful to know if the same happens again.
Some suggested areas which you might wish to make him aware of could include
                  We have been granted JR
                  The affected community has not been defined for this application and he should put pressure on the FODDC to identify this.
                  The Parish Council continue to be opposed and deserve his support – after all they should be considered part of the affected community.
                  The Crowd Justice site helps identify the local concern about the Severndale Wind Turbine.
                  The Allocation Plan which includes suitable sites for renewables does not identify wind turbines specifically and these are industrial structures – re Alvington.
                  The Allocation Plan now being considered by an inspector was considered by the FODDC last summer and Government policy has significantly changed.
                  We were dealt with unfairly by our councillors since their reason for passing the application is now for Judicial Review.
                  A significant number of the people in the locality do not want this turbine.
                  Government cannot afford the subsidies originally offered for wind turbines and in these times of austerity these grants and subsidies should be stopped.
If you wish to have further information about the Allocation Plan the following reference from Peter Williams, the Head of FODDC planning may be  useful – note the page reference
The portfolio group at the time discounted a bespoke policy on wind turbines. Ultimately a new policy on renewable energy was formulated and has been included in the Council’s Allocations Plan Submission Draft August 2015 Please see Policy AP.2 on page 22 of the document.
Also thanks to the folks at Woolaston this reference is worth looking at
from this document go to the Examination pages and then Examination Process.
Should we be contacting the Inspector with our comments about wind turbines? Thoughts on this would be useful. 
So – please would you find the time to write to Mark Harper using any of the suggested areas plus your own ideas.  It doesn’t matter how short but if he could receive them between now and March 11th (3 weeks) it would make a significant impact before Easter and before JR in April. 
The new Crowd Funding site went live on Friday (19th) so if you can make people aware of it, or forego an Easter egg in the name of the cause, it would be appreciated – it’s numbers we are after to show we really are here.
And finally, as always, thanks for your support we will continue to keep in touch
Keep safe and take care

We believe the information gathered on this site can act to bring the truth, regarding the dishonesty of the claimed benefits of Wind Turbines (WT) to the front of people’s minds as they are regularly taxed, in a hidden tax, on their energy bills to fund these politically correct and fundamentally all but useless monstrosities.

We have gathered a great deal of information in our efforts to prevent the industrialisation of Stroat and the banks of the Severn Estuary and across the wider area including the Forest of Dean (FoD) as administered by The Forest of Dean District Council (FoDDC), areas of outstanding natural beauty (AoONB), sites of special scientific interest (SSI) & wildlife habitats.

Please help to spread the truth about the Wind Turbine scam and the fundamental flaws and lies of the ‘Warmists’ & self proclaimed ‘Greens’, which are presented as ‘fact’, regarding the anthropogenic influence of mankind on Global Warming and Climate Chance.

Arm yourself with facts to defeat the biggest con of the late 20th and early 21st Century, and do please spread the truth and the URL of this site as widely as you can.

Posted by: Greg Lance – Watkins (site owner)

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