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. STROATForest of Dean 


Towering 337 feet above the Severn Estuary

60m. Wind Turbine Eyesore Application For Stroat

The Blades Will Distractingly Rotate 337 feet (1/3rd. higher than Gloucester Cathedral!) above The Severn, along side one of the most dangerous sections of the A48, already designated The Most Dangerous Road In EUrope – opposite Hanley Farm Shop. the bus stop, two lane junctions, various property driveways & the public lay-by

“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself”: 
Thomas Jefferson
A clear statement of wisdom that most appositely explains why Wind Turbines require Government intervention to use taxes levied on all, many of whom can ill afford them, to subsidise and enrich land owners and their corporate assistants!

Summary of Wind Turbine Accident data
to 30 September 2015


The ‘Effected Community’ being those contacted by the Council originally who are directly effected including:

The Community Against Severndale Wind Turbine Group
which includes 35 members of the immediate ‘effected community’ who are on the record as objectors:

  • ASHBY, Leah, Stroat Hill Cottage, Stroat,, approximately 1.3kms from proposed turbine
  • AVERY-BROWN, Elizabeth-Avery & William – Wibdon Cottage, Stroat – approximately 700m from proposed turbine
  • BOLLEN, David – High Hall Farm – within 750m from proposed turbine
  • BOLT, Lisa – Everene Philpots Court within 700 m from proposed turbine
  • BROOKES, Tracey & Andy – Underwood Farm – within 800m of turbine
  • BROWN, Louella & David – The Waldins – within 650m of the turbine
  • CARPENTER, Garry, Stroat Hill Cottage, Stroat,, approximately 1.3kms from proposed turbine
  • CROSS, Nigel and Samantha 3 Philpots Court – within 700m from proposed turbine
  • DAVIDSON, Pam – The Garstons – within 750m from proposed turbine
  • ELSBY, Nigel & Linda, Stroat House, within 1.5km from proposed turbine
  • FORD, Claire & Roger – The steps – approximately 500m from proposed turbine
  • GOATMAN, Fiona & Robert – Beverstone Farm – approximately 1km from proposed turbine
  • HILLMAN, Robert & Alison Philpots Court Farm – within 700m from proposed turbine
  • HOLLIES, Lindsay & Mark – Chapel House, Hanley Lane – within 1km from proposed turbine
  • LANCE-WATKINS, Lee & Greg – Home Cottage Stroat – within 1.5km from proposed turbine
  • MAYO, Molly & Keith – Wibdon Farm – within 650 to 700m from from proposed turbine
  • NAIRNE, Andrew and Sue 4 Philpots Court – within 700m from proposed turbine
  • REES, James & Clare  – Greystones within 775m from proposed turbine
  • SMITH, Pam & David – Old Post Office within 900m from proposed turbine
  • WRIGHT, Sue and Peter – Little Wibdon, Stroat, approx. 500 – 550meters from proposed turbine

Minded that it is a relatively sparsely populated rural area, where numerous properties will be level with the blades on the overlooking slopes and clear visibility will be from Aust, Littlehampton, Thornbury, Rockhampton, Hill, Oldbury, Berkeley, Sharpness and beyond as it stands 50% taller than Gloucester Cathedral, undisguised by trees or other obstacles.

There would seem to be few if any supporters of the imposition of this turbine from within the community – other than those who have signed standard letters provided and vigorously solicited, by the applicants, either as potential direct beneficiaries in the scheme, tenants or employees of the applicant!

& on his own behalf Peter Wright is seeking to challenge The Forest of Dean District Council at a Judicial Review – If you can help to protect The Severn Estuary, wild life and environment, or would like to know how YOU can help, without any obligation or in complete anonymity

TWITTER HashTag #StroatWind


or Know Anyone Else
who might be willing to assist us


This desecration may happen to your hamlet,
village, community or favourite place next
if YOU fail to help us to draw a line in the sand.

Could this naiive original watercolour be Hanley Hill through the eyes of the 11 year old Pauline Newman, daughter of Parson Newman, Rector of Tidenham Parish Church, C1937 or 1938:

HANLEY HILL Pauline NEWMAN age 11 01 smaller


This is how Hanley Hill will look, for at least a generation, if this industrial folly is errected:


This picture shows the applicants photomontage with the accurate scale representation of Big Ben at 96m. also showing 24 Routemaster double decker buses stacked alongside the giant wind turbine! A structure over 100 feet (33m) taller than Gloucester Cathedral and visually within the landscape standing high into the skyline some 8 times as tall as Oldbury Power Station.

For greater understanding of the implementation of this Wind Farm by stealth on the banks of the Severn Estuary in the rural and scenic area between the M48 Chepstow Bridge and the City of Gloucester consider:


& of course the size of these monstrous industrial instalations in such an area of outstanding natural beauty:


Minded that distraction is listed as the main reason for accidents, by the Police, it is hardly speculation that this giant moving structure alongside the A48 will be certain to cause additional fatalities on Europe’s most dangerous road!
How do the applicants excuse these inevitable killings?
These giant wind turbines may well be sited alongside motorways, visible on the given motorway over many miles, not suddenly materialising around a bend or appearing through the mist from the Severn!
As they dominate this pleasant rural area, once so attractive to tourism, which formed a major part of the income of the area.
Clearly the applicants, their agents and planners have chosen to overlook the enormous environmental damage these turbines cause, not least of which is the massive output of CO2 in their manufacture nor the defacing nature of the structure long into the future of these inefficient and costly follies, long after they have become obsolete and the grants have been withdrawn – who will clear up the mess we have thus left to our children and the ‘community’ in the future?
How in fact do the ‘community’ derive any gain from this self-serving application at the expense of the ‘community’, an obstacle that they claim, but do not guarantee, will pay £1/2M into the ‘community over the next 25 years when just two fatalities during that period will cost the public in excess of £1/2M.

It is my contention, based upon sound evidence that, for this industrial structure to be placed in such an inappropriate place, would not only be an act of irresponsible folly but a corrupt and criminal abrogation of duty of care by those making, aiding, supporting and granting the application.


Just consider the quantifiable environmental damage alone, that the Greens and Warmists have been duped into believing does not exist, is beyond any reasonable argument they may try to make.

A primary motivation for constructing these evil structures is the dishonest claim that they save on CO2 emmissions, which are ‘claimed’ (without sound scientific evidence) to be responsible for Global Warming and Climate Change (for which there is absolutely no scientific evidence that the anthropogenic input is of any significance).

IF you have been duped into believing the claims of the highly suspect and palpably untrustworthy IPCC you should clearly oppose Wind Turbines as an environmentally damaging cause of Global Warming & Climate Change and no part of the solution.

Only the dishonest, the corrupt, the gullible and of course the greed of the land owners and profiteers in on the scam could overlook the FACTS! Consider the Carbon Footprint of a wind turbine before it even starts to produce any power, and conveniently ignoring transport of materials and fabricated structure, not to mention the movement of supersized cranes etc and most definitely ignoring the damaging legacy and the carbon footprint to restore the land after its destruction both in excavation of materials and dismantling the defunct turbine and its 480 m3 plinth.

For now just consider the carpon footprint in its basic construction:

So what is the carbon foot print of a wind turbine with 45 tons of rebar & 481m3 of concrete?

as at 04-Aug-2014

A Wind Turbine’s carbon footprint is massive
try 241.85 tons of CO2.

Here’s the breakdown of the CO2 numbers.

To create a 1,000 Kg of pig iron, you start with 1,800 Kg of iron ore, 900 Kg of coking coal 450 Kg of limestone. The blast furnace consumes 4,500 Kg of air. The temperature at the core of the blast furnace reaches nearly 1,600 degrees C (about 3,000 degrees F).

The pig iron is then transferred to the basic oxygen furnace to make steel.

1,350 Kg of CO2 is emitted per 1,000 Kg pig iron produced.

A further 1,460 Kg CO2 is emitted per 1,000 Kg of Steel produced so all up 2,810 Kg CO2 is emitted.

45 tons of rebar (steel) are required so that equals 126.45 tons of CO2 are emitted.

To create a 1,000 Kg of Portland cement, calcium carbonate (60%), silicon (20%), aluminium (10%), iron (10%) and very small amounts of other ingredients are heated in a large kiln to over 1,500 degrees C to convert the raw materials into clinker. The clinker is then interground with other ingredients to produce the final cement product. When cement is mixed with water, sand and gravel forms the rock-like mass know as concrete.

An average of 927 Kg of CO2 is emitted per 1,000 Kg of Portland cement. On average, concrete has 10% cement, with the balance being gravel (41%), sand (25%), water (18%) and air (6%). One cubic metre of concrete weighs approx. 2,400 Kg so approx. 240 Kg of CO2 is emitted for every cubic metre.

481m3 of concrete are required so that equals 115.4 tons of CO2 are emitted.

Now I have not included the emissions of the mining of the raw materials or the transportation of the fabricated materials to the turbine site so the emission calculation above would be on the low end at best.


MUCH Additional Material Has Been Added:
PLEASE NOTE updates may include
change or addition of information, as it comes to hand
or as it becomes superceded.


The Community Against Severndale Wind Turbine Group

TWITTER HashTag #StroatWind


or Know Anyone Else
who might be willing to assist us


This desecration may happen to your hamlet,
village, community or favourite place next
if YOU fail to help us to draw a line in the sand.


I regret this document is lengthy and detailed, but I make no apology for bringing to your attention the facts, with many links and cross references, as this application by: Mr. & Mrs. Lyndon & Maria Edwards; who own Hanley Farm Shop, Hanley Office Complex, Hanley Allotments, Severndale Farm etc. The application being in the name of District Councillor Mrs. Lyndon Edwards, together with others, will scar this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for generations to come.

It is worthy of note that the previous Mrs. Edwards, aware this industrialisation of the area was in progress/planned, sold her property in the immediate area and moved away and that the current Mrs. Edwards put her name forward and was recently elected as a FoDDC councillor without making it clear to the electorate at large, that she had a pecunniary interest in this application as the named applicant and with her husband and others sought subsidies from the public purse from unsuspecting tax payers and electors in the community, both locally and at large and seem to wish to ‘pass off’ the application as in some consequential way being a ‘community project’, which it clearly is not, despite utilising a tiny portion of the monies raised by public subsidy from the tax payers, in a morally unpallatable manner, as a thinly veiled bribe!

A so called ‘Community Project’ which has undeniably failed to gain the support of the ‘community’ and has been rejected by their elected representatives on Tidenham Parish Council. To continue to claim this is a ‘Community Project’ is thus clearly dishonest and thus a deliberate attempt by the applicants seeking to profit by this as misleading – thus a dishonest scam!


For The Record:


By all means use my details as follows, if it helps you to object to this industrialisation that is so clearly against the interests of the community at all levels save some very limited seeming indirect & nominal bribes, allbeit very profitable to a few wealthy applicants in terms of support from largely unwilling  tax payers!:

Fore name: Greg
Surname: Lance – Watkins
Age: born 26-Jan-1946
Marital Status: pretty good!
Occupation: retired
Resided with Retail business: central Chepstow 1981 > 2011
Resident/owner: Home Cottage, Stroat, Tidenham, NP16 7LR 2011 > …
Phone: 01594 – 528 337
Property owner: Chepstow x 2; Tidenham Parish x 2

My opposition to this application to industrialise this rural AONB is primarily because I find it morally reprehensible on numerous grounds, totally inappropriate in this proposed location visually and as a threat to wildlife on many levels, its possible risk to life due to its proximity to Europe’s most dangerous road the A48 in a stretch that has seen two fatal crashes this year SO FAR.

Briefly: I also object on the grounds that Wind Turbines are an inefficient and largely unsustainable means of producing electricity, thus requiring grant aiding in their construction and an ongoing subsidy (as confessed by the applicants, under cross examination at The Parish Council meeting 20-May-2015) by support of around £150,000 per annum paid by levying taxes on the poorer sectors of the society and enriching those sufficiently wealthy to instal these monstrous structures with their monstrous damage to the community within which they are located.

For further details and extensive facts do view my web presence at:

I am happy to support my opposition and the grounds on which I oppose this application and similar such applications with my identity together with my Post Code, aware that already a threat of violence has been made, by a supporter of this application from outside the parish, against a member of the community if they do not withdraw their opposition to this odious application and its dubious nature, which is clearly NOT a community supported attempt to industrialise this area.

I trust this is of help to you.



Public Closing Date:
MONDAY – 18-May-2015

Parish Council’s first opportunity to discuss the matter:
WEDNESDAY 20-May-2015 -19:00hrs.

Parish Council’s first & only opportunity to consider the matter at their planning committee:
WEDNESDAY 27-May-2015 – 18:30hrs.
Individuals wishing to make their position clearly known in this damaging & potentially precedent setting application for industrial developement of this area of rural landscape of AONB potentially fatyally close to the A48, EUrope’s most dangerous road per vehicle mile travelled and so clearly unpopular and damaging not only to the community of Tidenham Parish specifically but the FoD & these United Kingdoms in general.
It should be noted: just how unpopular this instalation is to the local community where it is clear the majority of support for the damaging and dangerous concept comes from outside the community, beyond Tidenham Parish, but is also clearly commercially orchestrated by the applicants seeking personal profits at the expense of the community they make a very clearly dishonest attempt to dupe people they pretend to serve.

It was publicly accepted at the Parish Council meeting, by the applicants, that they expect to receive a £150,000 subsidy per annum (as they confirmed they do on their St. Briavels installation!) and that the share of the professional body acting as applicant also values its share in the St. Briavels Wind Turbine at £500,000 (believed to be a 50% share) clearly hugely profitable even at an admitted 20% efficiency – this has led to what seem to be bribes valued at £25,000 (though quoted on their web site as around £17,000) only disbursed amongst the community – thus unlikely to compensate ANYONE, let alone the community, for the damages experienced and insignificant in regard to the applicant’s obscene profits exploiting the public purse!

Clearly as these Wind Turbines are grossly inefficient and far from cost effective, requiring massive tax payer subsidies, this is nothing less than a tax on those who may well not be able to affort the cost of enriching those who are already well off!

Not only is the entire concept morally dubious it is anti community interests and do note the Alvington installation is still dishonestly being described as a ‘community project’, when in fact it was resoundingly rejected by the electorate (viz. Community) by their elected Parish Council and by their elected Forest of Dean District Council – a display of just how anti ‘community’ this project is can be seen from the undeniable fact that it was forced, undemocratically through appeal, on a community which had resoundingly rejected it at ALL community levels!

I do wonder just howmany of the 4,300 or so homes in Tidenham are aware that they are most likely to be legally responsible  for informing any would be purchaser of their property, should they wish/need to sell, that a massive industrial installation is under consideration and when/if turned down by the community is likely, based on their track record, to be appealed to be forced on the community by any legal means they can, however morally repugnant and contra the needs and wishes of the community they may be – as they did with the Alvington installation and do bear in mind that these plans were put forward in 2012 but withdrawn at that time, most probably in fear of rejection at that time due to being linked with other applications.

Could it already be that individuals who have sold property in the parish since 2012, who were aware of the determination of the applicants were to use any means and any timing to force their personal profitable interests on the unwilling community, may well be open to being sued for possible damages having failed to inform their purchasers!

May I take this opportunity to stress that although the claimed comment period officially closed on 18-May-2015, already the  Parish Council has obtained a derrogation until 31-May-2015.

It is also worthy of note that our community’s, MP Mark Harper, has undertaken, through his office, to support my request to extend the period of consultation and I am informed has read my letter of protest at this unprincipled and self serving application that is so clearly against the interests of the community at all levels and utterly inapproopriate within this parish and/or on the banks of the Severn Estuary between the Severn Bridge and Gloucester, whether on the North or South bank – I gather he has highlighted points and forwarded my letter (see PS – 15 below) to the FoD DC Planning Department seeking certain answers and assurance on those points be sent to him.

Further please be minded of this letter mailed to one resident in the community:

From: Stephen Colegate []
Sent: 11 May 2015 11:06
Subject: PO365/15/FUL – query on timetable for comments


RE: PO365/15/FUL – query on timetable for comments

Please note that the application has been called to Planning Committee prior to the election (likely to be 14th July 2015 committee) and that any representations received prior to the 30th June 2015 (deadline for my report to be finalised) will be taken into consideration.


Stephen Colegate
Senior Planning Officer
Forest of Dean District Council
Tel: 01594 812375

DO ALSO NOTE PS – 17 below from FoD DC Planning Dept., which updates this letter, received by email 22-May-2015.


In the light of Stephen Colegate’s undertaking in his letter above, as updated PS – 17 below, Please continue to register any concerns you have about this application to industrialise this site in a dangerous and disadvantageous manner to the community for the personal gain of a few wealthy investors, with no consequential gain to the community relative to the massive public funding and indisputable profitability for the applicants.

In an effort to assist the planners please try to confine your letter to actual planning matters – there is absolutely zero value in standardised letter signed up to by individuals on the internet who have no real understanding of the community and location concerned nor any understanding of the deeply flawed logic and morality of inflicting these grossy inefficient and thus hugely subsidised industrial installations.

Furthert petitions may try to dupe people into believing there is support but all too often signatures are added based upon insufficient understanding and be people who are not of and have no connection with the community the applicants dishonestly pretend to represent.


Many more details regarding Wind Turpines and this application can be found below:

60m. Wind Turbine Eyesore Application For Stroat


this installation will stand approximately between Hanley’s Farm Shop & The Severn and will stand 337 feet above the river! Visible from much of the FoD  & South Gloucestershire visible from as far away as Gloucester and setting a precedent for many more on the estuary banks – others are in the pipeline already!

Planning » Application Summary


Change of use of agricultural land to wind turbine and installation of a wind turbine to generate renewable energy, including grid connection and ancillary works. 
Severndale Farm
NP16 7LL


Hanley Hill 22m

Tower Structure 60m

Blade/Sail 1/2 Diameter (54m) 27m

+ Concrete Mount Block ?

TOTAL 109m or 337 feet + concrete mount block

Both Westminster Abbey & Gloucester Cathedral are a mere 224 feet high

The tallest trees ever in the Forest of Dean is never over 115 feet high

Nelson’s Column is only 169 feet high

Big Ben is closer at 312 feet!

The London Eye, which dominates the London skyline is 12 feet smaller at 325 feet!

Bristol’s tallest building is St. Mary Redcliff at 289 feet

The Statue of Liberty is 302 feet high

Reference P0365/15/FUL
Alternative Reference DF4282
Application Received Tue 10 Mar 2015
Address Severndale Farm Tidenham Chepstow NP16 7LL
Proposal Change of use of agricultural land to wind turbine and installation of a wind turbine to generate renewable energy, including grid connection and ancillary works.
Status Pending Consideration
Appeal Status Not Available
Appeal Decision Not Available
There are 0 cases associated with this application.There is 1 property associated with this application.

To view the original of this application CLICK HERE

I appreciate the primary reason for installing such wind turbines is clearly, on the part of the installer, owner or shareholders & land owner is personal profit.However the science behind the installation of such turbines is indubitably suspect and the efficacy of such installations is equally dubious.A measure of the false economy of these installations is the undeniable fact that they require massive subsidies to justify their installation. It is also well known that they are hugely inefficient and in many cases outright dangerous, not just to wild life and birds but in terms of the damage to the environment.WIND TURBINE 03 BURNING One should also be minded that a man standing at sea level has a view to the horizon of approximately 11 miles, which may give some indication of over what distance such a building some 200 feet high will be an eyesore.It is interesting to note that an application was made for just such a wind turbine in 2012, though it was withdrawn in some haste and rumour has it that not only was there a belief that it would not meet with favour but that it lacked sufficient funding and grants to go ahead, presumably as it is realised these turbines are not cost effective ever increasing grants/subsidies are sought!It is also worthy of note that this application has the same level of integrity as others that have been made! Although the application indicates that it will be a structure of 197 feet or 60 meters the truth is that despite this quoted headline figure the total will be much greater when the height of the sails is included! The actual height will be 87 meters or 286 feet thus over 80 feet higher than the headline size quoted.Do also bear in mind that the installation is planned for Hanley Hill, which is 22 meters above the river level, thus the finished height will tower 335 feet above the river Severn AND standing on a massive concrete block so over that height!, this is heigher than Wintour’s Leap!It is worth noting that the largest trees grown in the Forest of Dean are Douglas Firs which grow to a maximum height of a mere 120 feet or one 1/3rd the height above the river of the finished height of the wind turbine planned!The same trick, of quoting the ‘axis’ height, was pulled in the application for just such a turbine to have been installed on the South Gloucester side of the estuary, which thankfully was denied permission, being not just an eyesore but inefficient, likely to set a dangerous precedent and for many significant technical reasons that had similarly been obfusscated in the application documents.We must remember that whether the installation is profitable to the installers or not and the fact that it is dependent on subsidies, thus being a method of taxing the poor to fund the wealthy and land owners is NOT a planning consisderation – morality does not enter into the decision making for a public body!Just at the time that this application has been accepted, it has been accepted that Britain’s ONLY option to maintain power security is to commission new nuclear fuelled power stations, it is anachronistic to use this outdated and unsustainable wind turbine concept.This particular installation will be visible from Gloucester, Berkley, Thornbury, Aust and beyond, in view of its height!Let us also take note that there is a similar wind turbine located some 5 to 6 miles from Stroat and neighbours of mine in Stroat advise me that at some times they can hear the noise it generates! Imagine how much more significant the industrial noise output will be from Severndale farm for residents of not just Stroat but Woodcroft, Tidenham, Sedbury and Tutshill!It is astonishing how glibly the Politically Correct so called ‘green’ lobbyists are willing to set aside their own principles and install these industrial eyesores in areas of outstanding natural beauty when they will shortsightedly and often irresponsibly oppose more rational developements in rural areas!Also do be minded that NEVER has a responsible risk assessment been made, of these wind turbines, which are widely understood to have a catastrophic effect on both micro organisms and larger which maintain the health of soil surrounding the installation over a considerable distance and is believed to be responsible for forms of soil cancer!May I submit it would be irresponsible to grant this planning application and in endorsement of this fact may I commend to you two authoritative and responsible publications that have researched many of the facts regarding the unsound science surrounding the claims of those seeking to profit from these installations and beguilled by the bias of organisations dependent on public subsidies for their profits.First I advocate: BOOKER, Christopher - BOOK - The Real Global Warming Disaster 01as a second book to read I suggest: PLIMER, Prof Ian - HEAVEN & EARTH 01 You may be interested to know that much of the science claimed that underpins the subsidy of this particular form of inefficient, unsightly and massively expensive concept of electricity generation is based on the IPPC Report, which was founded on the now widely discreditted work of Al Gore & Ragendra Paschauri, who has recently lost his job in this field and has been shown to have VERY partisan interests.It is also worthy of note that even if you swallow the propaganda put forward in support of these profitable installations, from those making the profits from subsidy, you will find that it requires some 10 years at optimum continuous output to directly fund the installation and compensate for the so called carbon footprint of the manufacture and installation, together with related infrastructure – Two factors are conveniently overlooked by those profiting firstly this makes no allowance for the life expectancy of these turbines and secondly it does not allow, in the costings, for the removal of the installation and reinstatement of damage when the installation becomes time expired.It is notable that no provision is apparent to cover the costs of decommissioning and reinstatement, is it the glib assumption of the profiteers that the public will once again be tapped up for further subsidies and subsidy of such electricity to hopefully be produced and sold to the very public who were forced to subsidise the installation!You may also note that to manufacture the concrete block on which such a large structure will be footed, to ensure it does not crash to the ground,WIND TURBINE 01 Breaking uprequires a large amount of both sand and stone and the hugely environmentally damaging production of cement – frequently produced in third world countries where the damage done is conveniently overlooked viz Nigeria, where large areas have been destroyed and at best decimated by the chemical outfall, not to mention the minor details of environmental damage in shipping these commodities to Britain and onward to site!Also do be minded that they have been known, not only to catch fire but also to fracture in high winds when they get older. Another feature is that as they age like most equipment they are prone to becoming noisier and even by the applicants admission the DB rating is expected to exceed the legal maximum rating on the farm at the residential home and thus for the livestock.The legal maximum is a rating of 35 DB and by the applicant’s own estimate this industrial noise is estimated will be 35DB at several of the adjoining properties.Also do be minded that there is absolutely no doubt that these pieces of industrial equipment DO lead to the death of numerous birds (some estimates show some 300,000 per annum!) and have a catastrophic effect on certain wildlife..That said it is however not, seemingly a planning matter, that these vast unsightly structures are neither cost effective, nor do they deliver any level of so called ‘green’ or environmental benefits and it seems that their danger aside they can, tyhough the overwhelming majority of people consider them wholely inappropriate in rural areas be sited in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and at sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSI)! It is worthy of note that since time immemorial the immediate environs of Hanley Hill and the local reed beds have been a gathering area for migratory birds before they head for better climates in the autumn. Minded that my wife counted 47 martins in the sky immediately above our home and our neighbour in Stroat House, and others in the immediate area such as Wibdon Farm, have incurred huge expense making provision to accommodate bats it is hard surely to justify these monster bat and bird killers! There clearly is no ‘green’ argument in favour of these industrial structures!There is also the issue of the use of rare earth minerals to quote Wikipedia!

Rare-earth use

The production of permanent magnets used in some wind turbines makes use of neodymium.[24][25] Primarily exported by China, pollution concerns associated with the extraction of this rare-earth element have prompted government action in recent years,[26][27] and international research attempts to refine the extraction process.[28] Research is underway on turbine and generator designs which reduce the need for neodymium, or eliminate the use of rare-earth metals altogether.[29] Additionally, the large wind turbine manufacturer Enercon GmbH chose very early not to use permanent magnets for its direct drive turbines, in order to avoid responsibility for the adverse environmental impact of rare earth mining.

IF you can add further details your opinions and documented evidence would be much appreciated to assist in opposing this selfish and self serving unsightly and damaging installation.You may also be sufficiently concerned and have sufficient interest in ensuring this area does all it can to remain an area of outstanding natural interest and beauty – it is often stated that we do not realise the value of such areas until we have foolishly and all too often selfishly lost the resource for all time.Objections to this folly can be made directly on the Forest of Dean planning site – do please consider the asset we all risk losing for the profit of a few wealthy investors, manufacturers and land owners.To make an objection see:Planning Application – Number P0365/15/FULSite Address: application has received very little publicity and until it was brought to my attention on 03-May-2015 I was completely unaware of the application, despite the fact that I live in Stroat, travel past the site most days, frequent Hanley’s Farm Shop and will likely be able to see the installation from my home.The amount of profit to be made from subsidies both for the installers and the eventual owners stands every danger that should this inappropriate installation be permitted, as it towers 285 feet (87 meters) over Stroat and the A48, visible for miles around, including areas of the Forest of Dean such as  Littleton and a swathe of South Gloucestershire marring the natural beaty of the area – this could well be the thin end of the wedge and be used as a precedent to despoil the entire area with serried ranks of these dubious industrial constructions.A map showing footpaths and much detail can be found at: IMPORTANT DATES!!!:

Application Received Date Tue 10 Mar 2015
Application Validated Date Fri 17 Apr 2015
Expiry Date Fri 22 May 2015
Actual Committee Date Not Available
Latest Neighbour Consultation Date Mon 27 Apr 2015
Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date Mon 18 May 2015
Standard Consultation Date Fri 01 May 2015
Standard Consultation Expiry Date Fri 22 May 2015
Last Advertised In Press Date Not Available
Latest Advertisement Expiry Date Not Available
Last Site Notice Posted Date Tue 28 Apr 2015
Latest Site Notice Expiry Date Tue 19 May 2015
Decision Made Date Not Available
Decision Issued Date Not Available
Permission Expiry Date Not Available
Decision Printed Date Not Available
Environmental Impact Assessment Received Not Available
Target Determination Date Fri 12 Jun 2015
Determination Deadline Fri 12 Jun 2015

To view the original of this tabulation CLICK HEREI believe that our new Councillors and Politicians elected on 7th. May have a duty to ensure the consultation period and the publicity of this proposition are extended.You will note that the application date was at a time when Parliament had been prorogued and we were without the benefit of an MP representing our daily interests and future issues – this losing 21 days of the representation period before we were once again able to call upon our MP.During this same period our Councillors were also actively campaigning for re-election and new councillors and MP could well come to office on the 08-May!It is morally wrong and should not be possible that the overarching importance of a General and local election should be permitted as ‘a good time to bury bad news’!


Tidenham Parish Council has been asked to hear a presentation of the applicant’s views and opinions regarding the installation, which is planned for the next Parish Council Meeting, which is open to the public on:

Wednesday 20-May-2015 at 19:00hrs at Tidenham Memorial Hall

Please contact me if I can help or if you would care to help oppose this repugnant application and its dubious timing.and lack of merit for all but the applicant and those seeking personal gain at the expense of subsidies!Regards, Greg_L-W.01594 – 528 337


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