PS-52: Sec.State Rt.Hon. Amber Rudd Aviva speech on Climate Change

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PS – 52:

(PS-52: Sec.State Rt.Hon. Amber Rudd Aviva speech on Climate Change)

My thanks to Guido Fawkes for the heads up on this item:

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Having read through the speech Amber Rudd made at today’s Aviva climate change conference it is hard not to be impressed by the sound common sense expressed by her as the new Energy and Climate Change Secretary.

She starts off by paying due lip service to the we-really-ought-to-do-something-about-climate-change brigade:

“We are committed to taking action on climate change and we are clear that our long-term economic plan goes hand in hand with a long-term plan for climate action. Climate action is about security, plain and simple – economic security. If we don’t act, it will become increasingly hard to maintain our prosperity, protect our people and conserve our countryside.”

Then she correctly identifies what is really driving the climate change activists:

“It cannot be left to one part of the political spectrum to dictate the solution and some of the loudest voices have approached climate action from a left wing perspective. So I can understand the suspicion of those who see climate action as some sort of cover for anti-growth, anti-capitalist, proto-socialism.”

And finishes with a very sound quote from Maggie Thatcher:

“But in her 2002 book ‘Statecraft’, Margaret Thatcher was also sensible enough to ask the question “can global warming be checked at an acceptable price?”

If there really is a genuine threat from global warming the solution can and has to be, as Rudd correctly says, practical. The bottom line is we have to make sure that climate change action is pro-growth, pro-business, using free enterprise and competition to drive down the costs of climate action. That is still an “if”… 

It must be remembered that there is a very large body of highly qualified scientific opinion that the anthropogenic element of climate change and global warming is all but insignificant and there is cogent debate and a clear case to show that the entire change of climate and global shifts in temperature are nothing more than cyclical, as we have been able to identify some 29 major ice age periods in our planet’s history and subsequent global warming that pre date mankind.

Clearly Gaia is a stronger force than mankind could ever hope to be!

In reality the jury is very much out on the issue of the anthropogenic content of climate change and it seems that a new warmist theory has to be invented on a regular basis to account for the global temperature fluctuations that keep outdating their latest theory!

May I commend you read Amber Rudd’s speech in detail – just CLICK HERE


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