PS-43: Seems 50 Turbines are Required in St. Briavels!

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PS – 43:

(PS-43: Seems 50 Turbines are Required in St. Briavels!)

I note from the web site of Resilience, partners in the application for this turbine with District Councillor Maria Edwards the following link to a statement by their lawyers, Mssrs. Burges Salmon of Bristol, regarding their far from successful industrialisation by Resilience of Anthony Cooke’s farm Great Dunkilns:

Resilient Energy Great Dunkilns (REGD) is a joint venture between The Resilience Centre of Woolaston and Mr Anthony Cooke of Great Dunkilns Farm, St Briavels, created to install and operate a 500kW wind turbine at Mr Cooke’s farm.

The ‘community scale’ wind turbine will be capable of producing up to 1,200,000kWh per year, which is the equivalent of 300 residential dwellings or 10% of the electrical demand of St Briavels parish. It will generate electricity for use both on site at the farm and for export to the local grid, qualifying for payments under the government’s Feed in Tariff scheme for wind projects too.

to view the full statement CLICK HERE

It will be noted that far from concentrating on renewable energy Burges Salmon have a division working to promote Nuclear Energy also, thus clearly prostituted to commercial expediency rather than principle; I understand also that Resilience have little actual interest in renewable energy as I gather they have notably opposed the proven technology of solar panels yet promote the largely failed technology of wind turbines with their weather dependency, high cost, inefficiency and short lifespan (averaging 12>15 years at present!)!

To extrapolate Burgess Salmon’a and Resilience’s claims: Clearly on optimum output the turbine, as it produces a mere 10% of the power required for St. Briavels would require 9 more to produce sufficient for the village – however at Tidenham parish Council meeting the applicants informed those present that the St. Briavels turbine was only 20% efficient thus for supply of power for the village WHEN THE WIND CONDITIONS ARE RIGHT the village would seem to require 50 turbines to be effective!

When one considers that in 2012 Resilience was seeking ‘crowd funding’ with just one turbine for this scam to the tune of £1.4M – it would seem that power generation for St. Biavels, without inflation, would cost in the region of £70,000,000 plus of course the annual subsidy Resilience informed the parish amounted to in the region of £150,000 per turbine or £7,500,000 – little wonder the Government has announced it intends to bring an end to this ‘scheme’ in terms of both foisting the monstrosities on the public and enriching the applicants via the taxes of others!

Little wonder that the public in the ‘community’, in the case of the Tidenham application by the Conservative District Councillor Maria Edwards, have presented such resounding and reasoned opposition and that the ‘community’ opponents to this self serving and opportunistic application are in support of the recommendations of the Planning Officer designate and would vigerously oppose Resilience should they choose to seek to apeal a rejection of their application – though it is appreciated that such an apeal by Resilience would seemingly be being undertaken on a profit motivated basis, whether they were likely to win the case or not, as they are likely to be able to bill for their effort even when they fail!


We believe the information gathered on this site can act to bring the truth, regarding the dishonesty of the claimed benefits of Wind Turbines (WT) to the front of people’s minds as they are regularly taxed, in a hidden tax, on their energy bills to fund these politically correct and fundamentally all but useless monstrosities.

We have gathered a great deal of information in our efforts to prevent the industrialisation of Stroat and the banks of the Severn Estuary and across the wider area including the Forest of Dean (FoD) as administered by The Forest of Dean District Council (FoDDC), areas of outstanding natural beauty (AoONB), sites of special scientific interest (SSI) & wildlife habitats.

Please help to spread the truth about the Wind Turbine scam and the fundamental flaws and lies of the ‘Warmists’ & self proclaimed ‘Greens’, which are presented as ‘fact’, regarding the anthropogenic influence of mankind on Global Warming and Climate Chance.

Arm yourself with facts to defeat the biggest con of the late 20th and early 21st Century, and do please spread the truth and the URL of this site as widely as you can.

Posted by: Greg Lance – Watkins (site owner)

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