PS-11: The dubious merits & unethical background to this self serving application

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PS – 11:

(PS-11: The dubious merits & unethical background to this self serving application)

  • One is forced to wonder just what elements of democracy pertain in planning applications like this one, which seems morally reprehensible and set up to enrich the wealthy, and those devious enough to make them, at the expense of their communities, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and funded by subsidies comprising taxes questionably levied on the unwilling poor, the elderly and children through ethically bankrupt taxation on their inescapable fuel bills.
  • Compounding this seeming dishonesty is the repugnant fact that the applicant’s wife stands for the Council without making it clear to the electorate she may well be considered to have ulterior motives, and now we find that not only do they aim to shoehorn this application through without a current public exhibition but as you can see from this leaflet they claim to have had one!
    You will note the product they seem to have been forced (expediently) to withdraw, previously was not for the same item having been a smaller capacity turbine: CLICK HERE
  • Very few of those who will be directly disadvantaged by this monstrous carbuncle industrialising this unique rural area with its long visual aspects and largely untrammeled views attended the failed display of 3 years ago.
  • This is almost as dishonest as trying to rely on an environmental impact report that is also historic and would seem to have paid no cogniscence to the obscene damage to bird life had the report included the period when large numbers of migratory birds congregate over a period before setting out for warmer climes – a period when they wheel and swoop all around Hanley Hill, whilst roosting in the reed beds alongside the river, a period essential to ensuring they can catch enough insects to put on that extra fat that will provide them with the energy standby for their long flight and ensure they do not die in their thousands due to lack of nutrition. Amongst those not killed by wind turbines!
  • Let us not forget the Pylon which once stood on Hanley Hill was considered unsightly, and was subsequently removed!


We believe the information gathered on this site can act to bring the truth, regarding the dishonesty of the claimed benefits of Wind Turbines (WT) to the front of people’s minds as they are regularly taxed, in a hidden tax, on their energy bills to fund these politically correct and fundamentally all but useless monstrosities.

We have gathered a great deal of information in our efforts to prevent the industrialisation of Stroat and the banks of the Severn Estuary and across the wider area including the Forest of Dean (FoD) as administered by The Forest of Dean District Council (FoDDC), areas of outstanding natural beauty (AoONB), sites of special scientific interest (SSI) & wildlife habitats.

Please help to spread the truth about the Wind Turbine scam and the fundamental flaws and lies of the ‘Warmists’ & self proclaimed ‘Greens’, which are presented as ‘fact’, regarding the anthropogenic influence of mankind on Global Warming and Climate Chance.

Arm yourself with facts to defeat the biggest con of the late 20th and early 21st Century, and do please spread the truth and the URL of this site as widely as you can.

Posted by: Greg Lance – Watkins (site owner)

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